Embroidery Service:

Keeping up with the latest trend we ‘UltraEMB’ offer a wide range of embroidery service to turn a simple piece of cloth in something exemplary. With a team of experts and professionals, we create designs that speak for the craftsmanship.
Our quirky designs, innovative styles, and expertise give us the edge over the others in the market. We offer services that cater to all kind of customer’s need. From customized designs to the conventional kind of embroidery we work upon almost all, by using the best machinery and latest software our team strives to best meet the expectations of our customers. Our team of designers and artists make continuous efforts to bring out an exceptional piece of embroidery that gives a new life to a simple ordinary piece of fabric.

Logo digitizing:

Where there are no words logo speaks. Logos are an integral part of any company as they create an identity that distinguishes them from others. If you want to have your company logo on any piece of garment in the best quality you know where to come. We convert the logo in vector image which is understandable for the machine and this is how the logo is embroidered on the garment.

Custom Embroidery:

The fashion and style statement made by the designers today has really escalated the standard of customers and art designing. This has created an atmosphere of customized embroidery to better satisfy the needs and demands of the fashion freaks. With our Custom Embroidery service, we create designs that are just according to the client’s choice and guidance.
UltraEMB provides exactly same kind of design that the customer has asked for; no matter what style of embroidery you wish to have on your cloth either a conventional one or one of its kind our team of designers and craftsman with the help of their skills fabricate it. Now you can have all your clothes designed with machine embroidery according to your way depending upon the occasion and event you have to attend and can stand out in the crowd by creating a unique style statement.

Cap Digitizing:

Since fashion keeps changing with the passing time yet, it cannot be denied that there is always of a comeback in the fashion industry. Cap digitizing is one of the most popular techniques in the world of embroidery. Not only women but men also prefer wearing hats with their initials on them; both unstructured and structured type of embroidery can be done as per your choice.

Jacket Back Digitizing:

It actually is not as simple as it sounds. Jacket Back Digitizing is actually a difficult task to perform; it requires a digitizer to show off the best of his skills. This is a technique that let the digitizer creates an image, words, symbols, etc. in exactly the same way on a jacket by using the screen needle printing work. UltraEMB with the help of their highly trained digitizers and latest software creates all of these for its customers. Keeping an eye on the tiniest detail like hues, fonts spacing, indents, size, styles, and image we do what we are best at.

Left Chest Digitizing:

The embroidery services have gone way too far in terms of digitization. Ever seen a simple tee-shirt with any company logo on the left side of the chest? The little and simple looking logo or image went through a series of processes to get the real and sensible shape. This technique is not new but yes, it has been through many updations to live up to the expectations and meet the challenges of modern society. UltraEMB creates for you your desired logo, image, symbols, character or anything that you would love to have on your wearable. Revamp your old and dull shirt by getting the left chest digitizing done on it in a way like never before.

Red/ Line-work Digitizing:

Embroidery that is done using the red color thread on a white or cream background is red or line work digitizing. It is the artwork of needles that creates an outline of any design or image on the white surface with red or any other color of thread, but mostly using any single color. Today it is widely known as the outline stitching, what really made it popular is the reason that it is inexpensive, takes less time, and requires less embroidery.

Puff Digitizing:

With the world moving faster and faster we wish to have everything as original as the real one. Technological advancements have made it really possible today; Puff Digitizing is the same way of creating digital characters on any fabric or garment with a 3D effect with the help of thread work. Puff digitizing can be done with the conventional style of embroidery that is 2D or you can have a blend of both to make it more visible. That has been a lot in this field and the digitizer with their skills have taken it to a whole new level. Either you want something from the traditional styles to sew out or you want to have a new and unique digital embroidery on your garments we are here to provide you with the best that we offer.

Sleeves Digitizing:

Embroidery services have gained much popularity in the past few years, much of the things are now converted to the digital world so has embroidery. A few years back, it took months and years to complete a pattern of embroidery on any piece of fabric but today it just takes a few minutes to get it done. Introducing a new style of embroidery on the sleeves which look trendy and smart, UltraEMB creates the stunning and intricate designs of your choice on your favorite dress’s sleeves to give you your dream look.

Applique Digitizing:

This type of embroidery requires an expert digitizer and designer because this is a complex way of creating a set pattern by sewing an embroidery design which forms an applique. There are several companies offering this service yet only a few amongst have been able to produce them and UltraEMB is one of them which give the best applique service with the finest quality.

Towel Digitizing:

Who would have thought that a simple rectangle piece of cloth could be turned into something so attractive that you won’t be able to take your eyes off? Towel digitizing is such a new and smart technique which requires expertise, as this is different from the embroidery that is done on cloth or any other fabric. There is a different machine that creates embroidery on a towel by the selection or a proper overlay. This is a new and nice way to create a brand identity, this service is mostly used by hotels and resorts as they get their logo and names printed on a towel that is kept in rooms and bathrooms. UltraEMB creates for you all you want to have, from customized to already available in the market we can create all in just the same way you want to see.

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