UltraEMB warmly welcomes you to the official website, all the terms, and conditions of use are clearly elaborated below and using this means you agree to them. The company holds all the rights to change and amend any of the following terms and conditions without any notice.

Modification of website:

The information available on the website is subject to changes anytime without any notification.

Limitation of Liability:

UltraEMB puts in all the efforts to timely deliver the orders that are placed by the customers; in no case, it is responsible for aftermath once delivered.


All the information and material that is available on the website is owned by UltraEMB and we have a license for all. Therefore, any duplication or materials, info, images, or design is strictly prohibited.


The availability of the materials, images, and graphics are subject to the availability and also an offer that is made would be provided on an available basis. UltraEMB does not in any way imply that the information given on the website in either way is complete or accurate or the use of any server is virus free.

Payment Terms:

We believe in delivering the best and satisfying the customer. We accept all cards like, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover which means you can opt for any mode of payment. We do not bill prior to the order placement and customers are billed according to the rates mentioned. However; in case of bulk order feel free to contact.

Price Structure:

For special and large quantity orders contact UltraEMB. The price can be changed due to economic factors rest on the bases on the complexity of the design and art price may differ from the mention ones.

Refund Policy:

We offer a 7 days refund policy without any condition and money back guarantee.


Depending upon the demand UltraEMB would deliver the order via air or land courier otherwise; all the orders are delivered through emails or uploaded on the official website. In case of physical delivery charges will be included.

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