Vector Art Services:

There are several tools and software that can create a vector art; it is actually a conversion of any raster image into a vector form which means that the quality of the image is much enhanced by pixelating it. There are thousands of images available on Google and UltraEMB by converting them into a high-resolution vector image embroider them on the fabric of your choice. Either you want an abstract, image, painting, cartoon or any text our designer do it all. We offer further different services in vector art such as a logo can be digitized on any shirt, conversion of JPEG images even of substandard quality can be converted into vector image maintain the quality level, alongside we offer graphic design and color separation in the Vector art service.

Custom Vector Art:

You name it and we provide it. Custom vector art, let you have your desired print without you making any efforts. Color, image, size, design, and character whatsoever we can provide you all. This mode of vector art is optimal for those who are busy in their schedule and yet want it to get done in the same manner. UltraEMB creates for you exactly the same image that you have in mind; all we need from you is the detail that would help us in working thing out in an appropriate way. So, people list down the key features and get it done as per your wish.

Color Separation:

For many of you this term might be difficult to understand; this is a technique that is commonly and widely used in vector art, in this particular method the colors of an image are divided into four separate colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black or the key color each of these colors are used separately to create desired end result. In this art there are few more modes that are complex and technical this means to apply them the digitizer and designer need to have the expertise. Spot color, color process, stimulated-process colo, and index color are few of the color separation techniques that our experts use to give you the ideal print effortlessly.

JPEG to Vector:

JPEG images are those that one can easily find on Google, they are easy to download and save but converting them into a vector image is not a simple job to do. With the help of the software Illustrator, this job is done where a raster image which is of low quality is turned into a fine piece of art that is of high quality and doesn’t lose its shape when enlarged. As per the demand of the customer, various kinds of JPEG images are efficiently turned into a vector and then they are printed or embroidered on the shirt anywhere of customer’s choice which means that we are left with the harder part and UltraEMB surely knows how to do it correctly.

Silhouette Art:

One of the most popular types of vector art is a silhouette art; despite being simple this is the most well-known one. Who would have thought that a black and white color image can be turned into something so valuable? The real image of anything either it’s a human, scenery, or animal that can be digitized and embroidered on any fabric of customer’s choice. With our team of experts, we deliver what we are best at and make sure that cut the extra cost to make it economical for the clients.

Printing service:

To get the finest quality of the image or any design vector is the ideal printing service as it gives the crisp and clear print even when resized and reshaped. You can even get a billboard printed from the vector art which means this is by far the best art to opt for.

Formats of vector art

This stands for Adobe Illustrator which is offered by the Adobe system. The vector that is based on a single page is drawn in PDF formats.


This means Corel Draw Vector which is a file extension for a document that contains a vector graphic. This is mainly used to create letters and brochures.


This stands for Encapsulated PostScript. This file contains both graphics and texts, instead of vector it uses bit map version to draw an image.

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